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7 Incredible Days…

Aside from being connected to many sellers, industry leaders, and thought leaders, this is a unique opportunity for your company to be associated with groundbreaking and first ever sourcing events in Mexico!








Be recognized as an authority in this new & high-demand sourcing destination

These groundbreaking e-commerce events in Mexico are offering the opportunity to get in front of thousands of sellers, as well as build authority in the community.

Advanced Seller Strategies

Meet the Best Minds in the Business

Amazing Networking - Connecting expertise

Educating & Enabling the Global Economy

About the Trip:



11-17 February 2023

Attendees will learn how to source, what products are available, visit factories, and attend EVOLATAM – the first tradeshow of it’s kind designed for the eCommerce seller community! All of our trips are ALL INCLUSIVE with amazing hotels, food, beverages, and even transportation to and from the airport. So all that’s left to do is decide what you want to be part of and register today!

ATTENDEE Package includes:


  • Airport Transportation 
  • 6 Nights Hotel
  • Food and Drinks
  • Local Excursions and Entertainment
  • EVOLATAM Tradeshow Attendance

Available Sponsor Packages:

  • 2 Trip Attendance Slots, All Inclusive and Fully Paid
  • Speaking Engagement in conference
  • YOUR Branded Welcome Gift for All Attendees
  • Host of the Kickoff Gala, including a “Wedding Walk” networking introduction during dinner to all tables
  • Primary Branding on the website, digital screens, trip swag, and all marketing materials
  • Access to attendee contact info PRIOR to and POST event
  • Attendance and spotlight at Pre-event marketing live streams
  • Booth or Banner Display in the conference center
  • Contact information and double-page flyer in our trip sponsorship directory
  • 2 Trip Attendance Slots (At Cost) ($1800 each includes hotel, airport transportation, and all meals and activities)
  • Introduction as expert/mentor to attendees
  • Speaking Engagement in conference
  • YOUR Branded Welcome Gift for All Attendees
  • Meal sponsor of one of the three dinners during conference days with an opportunity to welcome and give a short speech to attendees at the event.
  • Secondary Branding on the website, digital screens, attendee badges, trip swag, and all marketing materials
  • Access to attendee contact info PRIOR to and POST event
  • Booth or Banner Display in the conference center
  • Attendance and spotlight at Pre-event marketing live streams
  • Exposure to new contacts and sourcing opportunities
  • Contact information and single-page flyer in our trip sponsorship directory

A different view for a

In addition to exposure to the attendees, your branding will be featured on all marketing materials for an event that is getting a TON of interest and attention because sellers are determined to source outside of China. This is the first time they are being exposed to manufacturing in Mexico in a format they understand, so interest is HIGH.

Available Add-Ons

Arrival Reception: $3,000 (1 available)

Sponsor our arrival reception and be one of the first to welcome them! When attendees arrive at the hotel in Mexico, they will be greeted by our team and invited to YOUR warm reception area with food, drinks, and an area to network.

Your logo will be on the sign at the entrance of this welcome area and you will be the sponsor of a special welcome gift including your branding to attendees.

This unique welcome gift is a Mexico Survival kit with a “Welcome to Mexico” bag with your branding and some trip survival essentials inside.

Transportation Sponsor: $3,000 (1 available)

Transporting people all over the city in Mexico is a fun experience! We do it while holding big signs with the Mexico Trip logo that draws lots of attention in airports, popular restaurants, and city streets. Now your logo will be featured as secondary branding on that sign as our official transportation sponsor.

As people see “the Mexico Trip” sign, right under our logo they’ll see yours as “Official Transportation Sponsor”. We’ll also give you the opportunity to say hello to our attendees at the beginning of bus rides and be recognized as the transportation sponsor that made it all happen.

Cocktail Reception Sponsor: $3,000 (1 available)

Sponsor our Gala Cocktail Reception: Prior to our kick-off Gala Dinner, we have a cocktail party and networking event in the foyer of the hotel. When people arrive at the reception, your branding will be on the welcome sign and drink menu boards. We can even name the drink of the evening after your company!

You’ll have the opportunity to offer a toast at the party and say a few words to the attendees to both welcome them to Mexico and get them fired up for the Gala dinner experience.

It was great to expand our reach to new markets and definitely this market of Mexican based sellers who are selling on Amazon Mexico or US. It’s great to be able to reach and engage with them, get to know their needs, and get the opportunities to help solve their challenges and problems. Expanding our business and expanding their business(es). I think it is an amazing combination.

Yoni Mazor


EvoLatam was extremely professional and we were blown away by how many sellers were in attendance. Because it is the first of its kind and ahead of its time in being the first Latin American eComm trade show, it attracts many sellers who wouldn’t usually make the trip to other conferences. We were able to connect with sellers many sellers who had never heard of SoStocked before visiting our booth and were also able to make connections with other vendors to create partnerships that will be mutually beneficial. We considered it a very successful event for SoStocked

Chelsea Cohen


Entrepreneurs paths to sourcing products in Mexico has now become so much clearer with the relationships made in Mexico! The show had a balance of learning, networking and fun that was unmatched for any show I have attended.
Bravo to the Mexico Trip team. A job AMAZINGLY well done!

Pat Yates

Quiet Light

Sponsorships fill up fast!

These events are being led and produced by some of the most trusted names in the industry. Sponsors at our last event had amazing success and are already committed for this next event. Thus we have LIMITED sponsorship opportunities, so don’t delay!

Got questions?

We’re very eager to entertain all your inquiries, suggestions or anything you have in mind about this opportunity.

Get to know the pioneers in the industry!

Tim Jordan and Amy Wees are world renowned authorities in the e-commerce space, who have led sourcing trips in China and Latin America for many years. They have spoken at events all over the world, and have decades of combined experience building and selling brands themselves. They have come together to offer the absolute best in education and experience, so you can level up your business in sourcing, education, network and community, and incredible mastermind opportunities.

This team will under-promise, over-deliver and leave you with the experience of a lifetime.

Amy Wees Tim Jordan
*More sponsors will be announced soon