Mexico TRIP

Is Now Happening In June

The Mexico Trip is Getting Bigger and Better – and it’s NOW in June!

5 March 2022

We wanted to share some great news, and also A SLIGHT CHANGE OF PLANS….. The Mexico Trip keeps getting BIGGER! from partners to sponsors to attendees to venues…. it is at least twice the size, scope, and quality of what we had first envisioned on this path. And one of the reasons we KNOW it will be amazing is the attendees, speakers, and experts coming with us!

SO, HERE IS THE CHANGE….. We are moving the dates back approximately 2 months. Same exact schedule and venues, in June instead of April (the EXACT dates will be confirmed next week).

WHY? We are finding that we need more time to deploy all the resources, as well as secure our venues, add more manufacturers, etc. Now, I know a lot of you worried about how short of a time period we had before the trip (yes, it was coming in HOT!), so this may be a big relief for you. For us, we know that we need to update everyone and work on some logistics, but it’s also a relief knowing we have longer to keep polishing and making this thing awesome!

EXPECT THE SAME trip sequence, plans, and venues. It’s just gonna be BIGGER. Now, we ALSO know that one of the potential issues is that you have already planned for your participation on your calendar. So there may be some inconvenience for you, and we are SORRY! We DO think it will be worth the hassle with the increased size, marketing, presence, and expertise that we are acquiring with the new dates.

CAN’T COME IN JUNE? If you have already planned your travel for April, or you can’t come in June, don’t worry, this is the first of many events.

We love you, and appreciate your continued support! This is the biggest series of events we have ever done, and it is AMAZING how much bigger it keeps getting! And, TBH, we know that none of this is possible without support and love from folks like you. And that’s pretty freaking cool.

Please do reach out with any questions via email at

Amy, Tim, Norm, and the Mexico Trip Team



As part of the Sourcing Trip, you will have VIP access to EvoLatam, the first of it’s kind tradeshow and expo. This is held at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, just steps from our hotel!

Find more info on that tradeshow here: