Thinking of Sourcing from Latin America? We’ll guide your EVERY STEP

Learn the latest and most modern trends, tips, and hacks straight from the pros. We’ve gone ahead and assembled a guide for you.

We all know about your

Time to strike while the iron is hot. Latin America is the spankin’ brand new sourcing destination you need. And THE MEXICO TRIP is the bridge to get there.

Learn Advanced Seller Strategies

Meet the Best Minds in the Business

Amazing Networking

EVOLATAM Sourcing Fair


We are all looking for alternatives to China for our sourcing needs.

There are THOUSANDS of micro manufacturers in Mexico just waiting to be connected with micro brands like yours.


You won’t find an Alibaba or a factory that is a one stop solution for your needs.

Learn How to Maneuver

It’s not enough to go to a factory. It’s not enough to Google LATAM manufacturers, and expect success. You need the lowdown on sourcing from Mexico from the greats. They’re paving the way to a spanking brand-new and practical sourcing venue – and they’ll teach you how to maneuver LATAM sourcing.

Be a Trendsetter

That’s why the Mexico Trip will essentially pay for itself. The value you’ll get from the mastermind, sourcing activities, trade show, and networking will catapult your business – plus you’ll be one of the pioneering Amazon sellers to explore Latin America sourcing!

That’s why we put together this comprehensive white paper on

to teach you all about the ins and outs, straight from the pros

Need more help with sourcing from Mexico?
Join us for our sourcing trip in June

Join us on the trip for so much

  1. 3 days of knowledge exchange so you can learn everything from
    • Business culture and negotiations
    • How to Source
    • What to Source
    • Logistics and Importing
  2. Epic Dinners and Networking events where you’ll meet key contacts and put your knowledge into action
  3. The first ever EVOLATAM tradeshow designed to connect micro manufacturers with microbrands and educate both sides on how to work together to achieve the best results
  4. The best part? It’s all inclusive. Your meals, your hotel, the tradeshows, entertainment, tourist activities, crazy networking, it’s all included. The only thing you have to do is get yourself to Mexico!


Did you know that seats for the Sourcing Trip are limited? We can accommodate only 100 attendees. The Cancun Mastermind has a little bit more capacity, but will still be VERY limited.
Join the Mexico Trip 2022 Webinar to get your questions answered.

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