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Join us to learn how to grow your e-com business by utilizing the incredible opportunities of sourcing from Mexico, and masterminding with the best in the biz

2 Separate Events…  

10 Incredible Days… 

Unlimited Potential for Growth.

Experience Mexico on a Sourcing Trip based in Mexico City, or with a world-class E-Com Mastermind in Cancun.  Or, come to them both!

Whether you attend one of the events or both, you WILL be guaranteed the opportunity for exceptional growth.

The Mexico Sourcing Trip April 2022

The 4 Day Sourcing Trip in Mexico City June  4- 9 will focus on one thing:  Helping to connect and educate you on how to source effectively, easily, and profitably from Mexico!


Come learn from the BEST, with multiple days of workshops, seminars, and educational sessions.

All Inclusive

Come to learn, network, and grow… and LET US HANDLE THE REST.  Great lodging, amazing meals, ground transportation… it’s ALL covered.


Whether it’s spending time with the mentors, other sellers, or the LOCAL experts… you WILL grow your network. 


There is no replacement for experience.  And whether it is the in-person training, the factory tours, or the supplier connections… you WILL be ahead of the game.

The combination of training, connections, and experiences have helped some of the most successful brands and sellers scale.  At The Mexico Trip: Sourcing, you will experience the right elements to achieve all of these.  

More details, schedules, and a list of mentors will be released shortly.  Sign up at the bottom of the page to be the FIRST to be notified when tickets open up!

June 9-12, 2022



The second phase of The Mexico Trip experience is an exclusive mastermind in Cancun. Sourcing Trip attendees will fly from Mexico City to Cancun, or you can attend ONLY the Mastermind and meet us in Cancun.  

You will be picked up at the airport and chauffeured to a world-class, all-inclusive resort where you’ll spend 4 days hanging out with some of the BRIGHTEST MINDS in the industry!  This mastermind is combining great thought leaders and great sellers, and you WILL leave with massive growth potential.

Whether it is the mastermind sessions, workshops, or the surprise events and activities… you will NOT want to miss this.  

Full itinerary, schedule, and speaker list is being released soon.  Sign up at the bottom of the page to be the FIRST to hear all the details!  


We are only accepting 100 attendees for the Mexico City Sourcing Trip!  The Mastermind will have a little more capacity, but will still be VERY limited.  
Don’t wait too long or it might be too late! Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
Sign up NOW to be FIRST to know when tickets are available, before we sell out!

Who is Running This Thing?

Tim Jordan, Amy Wees and Norman Farrar are world renowned authorities in the e-commerce space, who have led sourcing trips in China and Latin America for many years. They have spoken at events all over the world, and have decades of combined experience building and selling brands themselves. They have come together to bring you the absolute best in education and experience, so you can level up your business in sourcing, education, network and community, and incredible mastermind opportunities.

This team will under-promise, over-deliver and leave you with the experience of a lifetime.

Mentor and Mastermind Leaders will be announced SOON!

Tickets are available!

(more being announced soon)

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Tickets are
now available!