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After years of experience by our leadership team hosting trips all over the world for sourcing, we know a vast majority of the most frequently asked questions.  Take a gander below to learn more!

Sourcing in mexico benefits, advantages and expectations

Frequent Asked Questions

Is this Two Trips? One Trip? Why Two Cities?

This is two distinct trips, organized to attend both if you want to!  We start of in Mexico City for a Sourcing Trip, then we head to Cancun for a high-level ecom Mastermind.

Whats the Different between the Two?

The Mexico City trip will be limited to 100 people.  Although it will have MASSIVE mastermind components, it will be largely focused on learning how to source in Mexico.  You will meet manufacturers, shippers, and experts.  You will visit a factory, learn from local resources, and meet the right people.  You will leave from this having attended workshops, tours, a tradeshow, and had a LOT of fun.  Plus, you get to hang with tons of AMAZING sellers and thought leaders!

Can I attend just one segment?

Of Course!  While many attendees will come to Mexico City and then Cancun, you are welcome to attend one or the other only.

What does my ticket cost include?

You line up your airfare, and we will take care of the rest!  We have done a lot of trips like this to places like China and Latin America, and we learned that you need to focus on the networking and learning, NOT the logistics!  Your ticket price covers everything from a dedicated concierge that tracks your travel and picks you up at the airport, to all your meals included (with special meal request options, too), to amazing hotel accommodations, to the fun networking items and conferences.  You just get yourself there, and we will cover the rest!  More details on this are covered in the FAQ sheet on the individual trip pages. 

What about Safety in Mexico?

There are headlines about crime and drug cartels in Mexico, but it’s a big country….  I like to think of it like Chicago:  The news announces warfare in the streets, but that is not in the areas where tourists and business people hang out!  We have many experienced event producers, business owners, and local assets on our staff who will keep us in safe areas and make sure we are not in a dangerous neighborhood.  Mexico City and Cancun, especially the places we will be, are safe!

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