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If you’re currently sourcing from China, you’ve undoubtedly experienced increased issues with shipping, logistics, and product sourcing.

Events over the past few years have disillusioned many brand owners from China sourcing. Although the cost of goods and speed of manufacturing are stellar, strict virus control, travel restrictions, and more have convinced many sellers that it’s time to look elsewhere for the Next Unicorn Product.

Enter Mexico.

US-based brands in particular will find many benefits from Latin America (LATAM) sourcing:

  1. Lower shipping time and logistics-related costs
  2. Shorter travel times for managers who need to visit factories – and less adjustment to time zone differences, too
  3. The devalued Mexican peso compared to the US dollar

Additionally, Chinese labor has continued to rise in cost as the years have gone by. Perhaps it’s time to explore relationships with a neighbor on our side of the world.

Some of the products that Mexico is known for include:

  • Textiles and apparel
  • Home appliances
  • Household products, like brooms, mops, brushes, etc.
  • Some electronics
  • Auto parts (interestingly, this is possibly Mexico’s biggest export product to the United States)
  • Ceramics and tiles
  • Plastics
  • Certain hardware
  • Rubber

Of course, we don’t mean to abandon relationships with your Chinese supplier(s) if that’s your choice. Also, it’s worth taking a look at India, Vietnam, and of course the USA, as a viable source for products. Yet, on that note, it’s a good idea to strike while the iron is hot – LATAM is looking very promising while sourcing from Mexico is still a hot new idea.

You have all the chances in the world to:

  • Find your supplier
  • Learn the best practices in sourcing from LATAM – and the right product, at that
  • Network with the best in the biz through an intimate event where you can really cultivate a relationship with some of Amazon’s biggest thought leaders
  • Explore vibrant Mexico and gorgeous Cancun
  • Meet other sellers like yourself
  • Have an epic good time


It all takes place at THE MEXICO TRIP 2022. Taking place over 8 days in June 2022, across 2 different cities, this event is the first of its kind and run by 3 incredible thought leaders in the Amazon space.

Tim Jordan, Amy Wees, and Norm Farrar have been helping sellers source from China, Australia, and more for many years now. All three are established names in the Amazon business, and have helped innumerable sellers scale and improve their businesses in no time at all.

Attend the Mexico Sourcing Trip, the EVOLATAM Trade Show, and the Cancun Mastermind with Amy, Tim, and Norm at the helm – you’ll be assured of a fantastic and frolickin’ good time, and you’ll walk away with better connections, a solid network and support system, an improved awareness of what LATAM can offer you, and brochures upon brochures of Mexico-centric products to choose from.

Plus, Mexico’s food is – without a doubt – one of the world’s best.

So, what now?

Head on over to and secure your seats. We only have 100 – the tickets are selling out like pancakes, so ¡apresúrate! Signing up on the website is as easy as pie.

– The Mexico Trip 2022 Team